Giving dry a try? Talia Bennick, founder of non-alcoholic botanical cocktail brand Crisp & Crude, rejoins Stephanie and Rosie to talk all things Dry January and self-care this season through the form of mocktail garnishes. Talia also discusses some of the exciting events that Crisp & Crude will be sponsoring in the coming month.

Crisp & Crude is a local Austin brand crafting naturally mood-lifting, non-alcoholic botanical cocktails. Crisp & Crude can be purchased online at (promo code: KXAN15OFF), Amazon, or at retailers, including Fresh Plus, Parker & Scott, and Dia’s Market and at local spots, like Picnik, Butler Pitch & Putt, and Union Merchant. A local store locator can be found via their website.

One event particularly exciting for Austin is the “Showing up as my Higher Self” event hosted by Crisp & Crude, Restart CBD, and GRAV and taking place this Sunday January 8th at Space 512 in North Austin from 10:30am to 12:30pm. This is a unique and uplifting event that will focus on transformative breathwork, sound healing, and of course mocktails. 100% of ticket proceeds will be donated and matched by event hosts to local non-profit Austin Clubhouse. Austin Clubhouse is a judgment-free community where adults with mental health diagnoses are reminded that they matter. At the Clubhouse, members find meaning and a place to belong as they pursue goals like education, employment, and wellness.

Limited spots available. RSVP here.

In addition to Sunday’s event, Crisp & Crude has several other exciting events on the horizon, including Tiny Hour x Crisp & Crude snack pairing at Tiny Grocer (1/12), Succulent Native happy hour (1/13), and Zero-proof sips and book pairing with Vintage Books & Wine in East Austin (1/19). If you’re interested in tasting Crisp & Crude and joining some Dry January fun, be sure to tune in!

Talia shares her top three self-care garnishing tips when making mocktails during the Dry January season and the wonderful effects these terpenes have on your mood.

  1. Smoking your glass with herbs or pal santo
  2. Citrus Stress Relief (squeezing your citrus)
  3. Slapping your herbs to release Botanical Oils 

Crisp & Crude believes that taking care of yourself doesn’t mean giving up the joy of a well-crafted cocktail. Join Stephanie and Roise on the journey to discover new and creative ways to celebrate sobriety and self-care. Cheers to a happy and healthy Dry January! (promo code: KXAN15OFF)