Are you traveling for the first time out of town this summer with a new partner, or does travel always bring out the stress in your marriage? Julia McCurley of Something More chatted with Studio 512 about her tips to ensure an easy, breezy vacation for all parties involved. Here are Julia’s tips:

  • Start small 

“Traveling with someone means being together 24/7, so a quick get away — rather than a more ambitious trip, like going to Europe — is a good way to tests the waters for compatibility.”

  • Be on the same page about budget

“Money is one of the most common reasons couples fight, so it’s important to discuss expectations before you even book the trip. Share how much you each plan to spend, what kind of accommodations you prefer, and who is paying for what.”

  • Make a wish list together

“As you plan, sit down and figure out what you each want from the travel experience. Make a written list of what you want to see, eat and do. Does one person want to relax while the other person wants to have a packed schedule? In this scenario, some compromising may need to be done to build in some flexibility, in case plans don’t go accordingly.”

  • Define what your travel styles are

“Are you some one who needs to be at the airport 3 hours early, while the other person is a last-minute Charlie? Do you prefer to carry on or check your bags? Are you first class or coach? You want to talk about your values, wants, pet peeves and dislikes as much as possible so there aren’t surprises later.”

  • Manage expectations

“I once knew a married couple who went on a dream trip to France. One partner was exclusively interested in food and wine, while the other wanted to be golfing the entire trip. Neither party compromised and ended up getting divorced over this! To avoid hurt feelings and frustrations while you’re traveling, be particularly open about your desires, while making sure that both partners gets their needs met. Its important to manage your own expectations and look at it as this is just a trip, it’s not the end all be all of your relationship.”

  • Try to factor in some alone time

“Being on vacation with a significant other means you are bound to them 24/7, which that alone can be quite stressful when you are used to having build in space at home with your other responsibilities. Maybe do a spa day or go on a walk, or even take a long shower to get a little space.”

  • Practice some grace.

“Last but not least, if an argument arises, consider that you or your partner may simply just be tired, have jet lag or be stressed out from the whole getting to your destination experience. Everything is more intense when you are traveling.”

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