Lance Roberson, founder of, joined Rosie to talk about how to pick the right plant when you’re shopping.

1. Know what you have for the planting area. Sun, water, and other growing needs dictate which plants you should purchase.  

Example if you are looking for a plant in full sun, don’t pick a plant like impatients meant for shade 

2. Inspect the plant from top to bottom. Small problems with a single plant can cause long-term problems for your entire garden. Especially pests! 

Leaves – right colors, no bugs in or on! 

Stems – especially trees and shrubs since they are long term purchases, crooked trunks seldom “fix themselves” 

Roots -Pull it out of the pot! are the roots in the pot full and white with fine hairs throughout the container? 

3. If you are growing annuals, smaller is better, they are all going to grow to their full size this year, they will be the same size in no time! 

Know your spacing, small plants still need enough space to grow, planting too close to look full now will end up causing dead plants in the future! 

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