Kim Eagle with Earn That Body knows that the holidays can be a tricky time to maintain or lose weight! She has five tips to help keep people moving forward on their health journeys this December:

1. “AVOID eating out (save it for the party)!
2. SKIP all coffee shop holiday beverages (too many calories and way too much sugar).
3. DO NOT miss a workout. Even 20 minutes is better than nothing.
4. BUMP UP your cardio (it’ll burn a few more calories)!
5. FOCUS on family/friends/blessings in our lives to decrease the stress of the season. The mental shift in this can benefit your health more than anything.”

Kim wants people to have healthy, sustainable weight loss. Sign up for 5 weeks of virtual tutorials that will help you get stronger and more fit. The 5 Week Earn That Body Program that includes personalized nutrition and a full workout program! She’s also currently offering a Holiday Challenge and a Real Food Reset. To learn more about Kim’s services, check out her website. You can also give her a follow on social media, @EarnThatBody, for inspiration.