Camille Styles, editor-in-chief of the lifestyle site shares daily content to help people create the life of their dreams! She’s a big believer that everyone should be able to create a home that they love, make a delicious meal, and gather their friends together regardless of their budget or experience. Camille’s mission is to show people that these are attainable goals and you just need a little know-how and to have fun with it.  

Today we’re talking with Camille about National Family Reunion Month and she has some great tips on not only how to throw a great reunion, but also on how to build meaningful connections and keep them.

“Hosting and organizing a family reunion is the perfect opportunity to gather so many of the important people in your and your family’s life that you may not see very often! For kids, it’s so wonderful to feel connected to different generations and to feel rooted in extended family. Plus, it’s always endlessly entertaining to hear funny stories about your parents or grandparents as kids and get a little more insight into who they are!”

Tips on building meaningful connections:

  • Create Traditions: Create traditions that get people excited–it encourages people to intentionally show up ready to engage. Always fun to throw one unexpected surprise into the mix.  
  • Be Intentional with conversations: A host’s number one responsibility is steering conversation and focusing on connecting guests with one another. And as a guest, you have the ability to add so much to the atmosphere of a gathering– especially when you’re bringing together family members where there might be a lot of different dynamics to navigate, it’s a good idea to think about how you can bring a positive energy into the space that will be warm and welcoming to others.  

When it comes to food… “Make it a potluck! It gives everyone a chance to feel like they’re contributing something to the gathering and playing a part, plus it’s a great conversation starter.”

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