On a hot summer day a little scruffy white dog with a cute underbite showed up in the alley behind the KXAN Austin News studio. A KXAN team member nicknamed him “Kaxan” after KXAN, and it stuck as his name. He was microchipped back to the Austin Animal Center, and the couple who adopted him from Austin Animal Center did not want him anymore and decided to surrender him back to the shelter.

Jim Spencer, KXAN Chief Meteorologist, decided to make Kaxan a part of his family. Kaxan appears on KXAN News often, attends marketing events for KXAN, Kaxan loves going to doggie daycare, playing with his schnauzer sisters, loves all treats & food, and has a crazy collection of sunglasses & costumes which he wears often in photos for social media.

Kaxan loves meeting new people, and is using his position with the KXAN Austin News family to help educate & bring awareness to the public about dog care, safety, dog rescue, and therapy dogs. You can follow Kaxan’s journey on twitter @kaxan_kxan or facebook and instagram @CityDogAustin.