National Infertility Awareness week is coming up and Steph & Rosie welcomed Andrea Syrtash, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of pregnantish™ to discuss “The Reality Of Infertility,” a reality star studded podcast series that kicks off on the Pregnantish Podcast on Thursday, April 14th.

National Infertility Awareness week is coming up and you’re kicking off your campaign tomorrow, can you tell us about “The Reality of Infertility” series?

This week we launch into our National Infertility Awareness week campaign, “The Reality of Infertility’, featuring different reality stars each week on the pregnantish podcast sharing the reality of infertility/modern family building.

We kick off on tomorrow. – Thursday (April 14) – with a great episode with Jaclyn Misch, who was Season 29 runner up of SURVIVOR with her husband Jon. We’ll hear comparisons of some of the trials of the Survivor TV show journey to their path to parenthood.

Jaclyn was born with MRKH/without a uterus (she spoke about this when she was Miss Michigan) and always knew she’d need a surrogate but she never expected the twists and turns, including a 20 week miscarriage, that she and her surrogate would experience.

You’ll also feature conversations with stars from Bachelor Nation and Shahs of Sunset, to discuss single women pursuing fertility treatments. Can you tell us more?

On April 21, for reality show fans: we feature Bachelor Nation – Kendall Long and Caroline Lunny and Golnesa from Shahs of Sunset for an empowering discussion about taking charge of our fertility, what these women wish they knew sooner and why they feel empowered as single women pursuing fertility treatments.

On April 28, we do a deeper spotlight on becoming a single mom by choice and selecting donor sperm with Golnesa!  Golnesa never dreamt of being married but always knew she wanted to become a mom.

For more information go to, follow them on Instagram @pregnantish and listen to the podcast here.