The Big Bend Challenge: Zip Your Way Around Quiet Canyon

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Did you know? Big Bend National Park is one of the largest national parks in the United States, and it’s celebrating its 75th year anniversary! The park is located in southwest Texas, about 7-8 hours from Central Texas. It includes the entire Chisos mountain range, as well as a large portion of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Experience Far West Texas with fun for the whole family at Lajitas Golf Resort. The resort has beautiful, historical rooms with touches that will remind you of the Wild West. Resort activities include birding, zip lining, stand-up paddleboarding, shooting range, horseback riding, mountain biking, spa experiences and more.

Rosie was rumbling up the canyon to zip line just before sunrise with some friends from Austin Monthly. Lajitas says, “All zips are located in Quiet Canyon, dominated by the North Lajitas Mesa and its prominent shape that can be seen from miles away. Volcanic activity shaped what we can see today over 30 million years ago, with many different colors and shades whose appearance changes with the differing light conditions. A plethora of amazing rocks and petrified wood cover the surface of the desert, it’s like walking through a gem mine! Common plants found are the Creosote Bush, Ocotillo Cactus, Prickly Pear, Candelilla and Mesquite. Red tailed hawks often can be seen soaring overhead and Road Runners and Doves found in the underbrush. Aoudad Sheep regularly make an appearance on the ridges and Mountain Lion tracks have been seen. Javelina can be spotted early morning and evening. Breathtaking views across the Rio Grande and views of the distant mountain ranges are a delight to behold.”

The best part of the zip line tour for Rosie was the guides — they were knowledgeable, upbeat and friendly — and totally able to coach riders who might be afraid of heights! Be prepared to feel more courageous over time, as most zip line tours are structured so that the highest and longest zips are the last ones you tackle.

If you’re heading out for a family vacation to Far West Texas and the Big Bend Area, take part in the Big Bend Challenge: find 5 really fun, different activities to shake up your trip! When you upload to social media, tag your photos with #BigBendChallenge. Learn more at

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