Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to talk about their show “Unsellable Houses” on HGTV, as well as attending the Austin Home & Garden Show at the Austin Convention Center, which is happening August 12-14.

Tell me about the Austin Home & Garden Show.

“The Austin Home & Garden Show is a dynamic showcase of the nation’s best home and garden products and services. With the housing market booming and flipping homes a popular pastime in Central Texas, guests will be able to experience impressive displays to help inspire home projects, connect with industry experts, and enjoy informative presentations from renowned local and national home and garden professionals.”

When can fans meet you at the Austin Home & Garden Show?

Davis and Lamb will be appearing on stage Friday, August 12 at 5 p.m. and Saturday, August 13 at 1 p.m.

“We’ll be giving our best home renovation tips and tricks,” they said.

The Austin Home & Garden Show returns to the Austin Convention Center on August 12-14. To get tickets and see the schedule of speakers and presenters, go to AustinFallHomeAndGardenShow.com.

More about the show

“The twin sisters are known for transforming one tough-to-sell home after another. After building PNW-based Lamb & Co., into a successful, full-service real estate and home design company, word of the twins’ talent and exuberant characters spread around the entertainment industry. Leslie and Lyndsay soon landed the incredible opportunity to have their own HGTV show ‘Unsellable Houses.’ The sisters’ talent for helping homeowners sell their lifeless, “unsellable” homes shone brightly on the big screen, helping them quickly become go-to experts for homeowners, designers, and DIYers around the nation.”

Learn more at HGTV.com.

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