“My top priority with any Thanksgiving tablescape is that it’s simple enough to be totally stress-free on the day of. That’s why my number one tip is to set the table completely the night before—there’s plenty to do on Thanksgiving just to get all the food on the table!,” Camille Styles, lifestyle and design expert says.

Here are some of her tips on how to design your table:

1. Use Dried Flowers and Seasonal Fruit for a longer-lasting centerpiece 

“Dried flowers and branches have been a leading trend in the interior design world for a couple years, so it’s no surprise they’re making their way onto the holiday table. The look is modern, relaxed, and of course, budget-friendly since you can keep using your dried flowers for years, instead of tossing fresh blooms.”

2. Handmade ceramics 

“It’s no secret that I love handmade ceramics, and thankfully, the warmth and rusticity of handcrafted objects is majorly on-trend (and I think it’s a trend that’ll never go out of style!  I recently launched my first product line, Casa Zuma – there are some great pieces available online that are perfect for the Thanksgiving table.”

3. Casual Napkin and Linens 

“Gone are the days of perfectly-starched linen tablecloths. These days, I almost always opt for a casual linen table throw that lets the beauty of a wood table show through. I also love an oversized linen napkin, but always had a hard time finding the right one, so I created my own and included them in the Casa Zuma collection.”

4. Woven Placemats 

“If we’re talking table design trends for 2022, we should really make that “Woven EVERYTHING.” I’ve been on the woven train for quite some time, and a chunky woven placemat is the perfect way to create a textural, earthy backdrop to a neutral table setting.”

Camille’s Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving:

“Yes, Thanksgiving can be full of opportunities for disaster, but after hosting at our house for 10 years straight, I’ve collected my share of shortcuts and strategies to help me pull it off seamlessly.”

1. Make a plan. 

“I’ve learned that the more detailed my plan on the front end, the more I can kick back and relax on the day-of. Start with a list of how many people are attending. I send an email to the entire group and get specific on arrival and mealtimes with guests so everyone knows what to expect.”  

2. Write out the menu. 

“Finalize your menu at least a week before T-Day, then gather the exact recipes you’ll be making and list everything that can possibly be made in advance (note that you probably need to order your turkey, like, now.) Then, map out your advance prep plan on your calendar so you can be sure you’ll actually have enough time to get it all done.”

3. Make it a potluck. 

“I honestly can’t imagine hosting our big family gathering without lots of people pitching in on the menu. We divvy up the cooking and I’ve found that everyone loves having the chance to contribute their own traditions to the table.”

4. Don’t feel like every “Thanksgiving food” has to be included. 

“Especially if you’re shouldering the bulk of the cooking yourself, my biggest piece of advice is to keep the menu relatively limited. People do not need both mashed potatoes and potatoes au gratin, I promise.”

5. Pickup dessert from a bakery. 

“My mom will kill me for this one because honestly, a Styles’ Thanksgiving would not be the same without her legendary homemade pies. BUT if she wasn’t there to help me with this aspect of the meal, I am all for supplementing the menu by picking up a delicious dessert from a local bakery or restaurant.”

Use these helpful tips and incorporate some Casa Zuma products to make sure you and your guests have the best Thanksgiving yet. Keep up with Camille at CamilleStyles.com and check out her designs at CasaZuma.com.