Local author – and musician – Jason Weems spoke with Studio 512 about his newest book, “Texas BBQ Adventure Guide: A Road Trip Through The History & How-To Of Lone Star ‘Que.”

Jason says, “From the bayous of the east to the dusty deserts of the west, embark on a journey
through the countless smokehouses, roadhouses and barbecue food trucks that line
the back roads and main streets of Texas. Dive into a history that dates back to
treasure-hungry conquistadors and swashbuckling buccaneers. Learn what divides the
state into five main flavor regions and read your plate of BBQ like a roadmap through
history. I journeyed more than 3,500 miles around the highways and byways of Texas to bring you a guide that’s dripping with pro tips and sizzling with backstory.”

Jason has also written “A History Lovers Guide To Austin.” “Texas BBQ Adventure Guide” is available in-person at most book stores. Buy online and learn more at JasonWeems.com.