If you’ve looked at recipes online lately you’ve probably noticed that hemp is going mainstream! Amy Goodson walked through some different ways you can incorporate this into your favorite foods!

Hemp Hearts can be used anywhere where you use chia or flax seed. They have 2 times the protein, 70% more iron and 25% more Omega-3 fatty acids per servings. Amy recommends either blending it in with a smoothie or oatmeal in the mornings. Hemp Hearts are great because of both their nutrition and their health benefits.

Another great heart healthy option is Avocados From Mexico. There are some fun ways to add avocado to any meal and Amy shows you one of her favorite appetizers – Avocado Burger Bites! Take an already cooked meatball and skewer it on a toothpick. Then layer it with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and of course – avocado!

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