John Lewis, director of sales at NATiVE Solar, spoke with Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to discuss residential solar sales with a focus on products and how to keep the power on with ERCOT’s changing stability.

What kind of solar equipment do you use on your projects and how do consumers know they are getting the best solution? 

“When it comes to solar equipment, we are brand agnostic, meaning we have multiple options to offer homeowners for solar panels, inverters, and batteries,” Lewis said. “At NATiVE, we are a proud member of Amicus Solar Cooperative and through a national network, we are able to source the best current products and stay ahead of tomorrow’s innovations.”

How do I protect myself against ERCOT grid failures? 

“It is important to remember that homeowners must add batteries to their solar systems, in order to have electricity when the grid shuts down. Without batteries, the solar system will not operate if there is a blackout,” Lewis said. “NATiVE Solar will consult with you before designing a battery system that is specified to meet your needs. However, we are seeing companies like Ford enabling the batteries in EVs to work in the same fashion. As mentioned, this is a way we are staying ahead of the innovation curve to offer better solutions for homeowners.”

As a director of sales, what do you think makes NATiVE Solar different, compared to other solar companies? 

“NATiVE Solar is not a broker, so sales are not the biggest priority. At the same time, we are not solely an installation company, so it’s not all about operations. Because NATiVE will be with you before, during, and after the installation (we also service systems — even if they weren’t installed by NATiVE), the priority is the customer,” Lewis said. “When the highest priorities are customer-based goals, instead of internally-based goals, we can offer homeowners in Texas something different. So, in a director of sales role, we do not sell solar systems, we offer alternative energy solutions and educate homeowners. The savings sells themselves. It may not sound like a big difference to some people, but I’ve been involved in renewable energy since 2013, and I can tell you that working with NATiVE Solar is a very different experience.”

Where do we go to learn more about NATiVE Solar?

You can go to to calculate your savings with solar, request a quote, and take your power back with NATiVE Solar.”

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