Today is a “Traveling Tuesday” and if you’re looking to get out of the house before summer ends, “Austin Travels Magazine” has some tips and some places, Texas and beyond, to tell us about today.

We’re joined with co-founder of Austin Travels Magazine, Kristin Finan, to tell us more.

Austin Travels is a women-owned, Austin-based travel magazine committed to highlighting destinations in Texas and beyond through the lenses of diverse and talented writers.

Formed during the pandemic by three veteran travel writers who found travel coverage in many traditional media outlets to be increasingly lacking, Austin Travels Magazine aims to showcase the wide world around us while treasuring a broad array of perspectives. 

Visit places such as Camp Fimfo, in the Hill Country.

Head to a beach destination like Port Aransas.

Travel beyond Texas to New Orleans and stay at the Virgin Hotel.

Austin Travels August issue is almost out. Follow them at and on social media at @austintravelsmag.