Austin’s leading fitness and wellness experience curator, Swift Fit Events, is opening up a permanent location in the heart of downtown at 918 Congress Avenue. Dubbed the Texas Wellness Oasis, the new location will serve as a rental space for wellness events, a hub for Swift Fit’s community classes, and a home for Austin’s very own Sans Bar, a zero-proof cocktail provider. 

Swift Fit Events’ Texas Wellness Oasis is open to the public on Fridays at 5 pm. Every Friday, the public can stop by and grab a zero-proof cocktail from Sans Bar and a free community sound bath led by some of the top wellness experts in Austin. In addition to serving as a peaceful escape for locals on Friday nights, the Texas Wellness Oasis will operate as a rental space complete with Swift Fit programming, instructors, and regional partners. Featuring a bar area, retail wall, front desk, and room for fitness classes, the space will be available for full rentals for those looking to bring a little Texas Wellness to their network. Swift Fit programming includes yoga, meditation, and sound baths, strength and conditioning sessions, crystal workshops, a make-your-own essential oils bar, and more. Learn more about Swift Fit’s programming here

“The typical corporate nonstop hustle culture and ‘work hard/play hard’ mentality is a recipe for employee burnout,” says Swift Fit Events founder Lee Ackerley. “One of the best ways for companies to show they care about their employees’ well-being is by offering fitness and wellness programming for them. Whether a company wants to lure employees back to the office, decrease turnover, or save on healthcare premiums, keeping people healthy should be their priority. And that’s our mission at Swift Fit.”

Lee’s passion for bringing health and wellness to corporate spaces and group settings began years ago when he was working in the banking world. He found that every conference centered around bar culture for socialization while omitting any physical activity or attempt at stress mitigation that wasn’t food- or alcohol-related.

After having multiple “Groundhog Day” experiences of boarding a plane back to Austin—exhausted, hungover, and fifteen pounds heavier—Lee kept thinking about how outdated and uninspiring these events were and how vital exercise was to someone’s overall well-being and sense of community. He created Swift Fit Events to shine light on the importance of both physical and mental health in areas where the two are often overlooked. By bringing health and wellness into corporate settings, Lee has been able to help companies and groups grow stronger relationships, thus improving performance and employee satisfaction.

Along with catering to corporate needs, Swift Fit Events is also an advocate for community wellness. The company offers free community health and wellness classes throughout the week. Swift Fit’s current community classes include Grounded Yoga at Fareground on Sundays and Mondays, Grounded Fitness at Fareground on Tuesdays, Republic Square Park Fitness on Wednesdays, and Yoga at Republic Square Park, Grounded Dance Cardio at Fareground, and Farm Yoga at Boggy Creek on Saturdays. You can find Swift Fit Event’s full monthly lineup of free community classes here. Its community classes are completely free, open to the public, and inclusive of all skill levels. Learn more about the classes here

Swift Fit Event’s Texas Wellness Oasis is officially open to the public with the Sans Bar pop up and free sound bath beginning at 5 pm. Stop by every Friday and grab a spiritless cocktail from Sans Bar and stick around to learn more about the company and everything it offers. You can find the new Swift Fit headquarters at 918 Congress Avenue, Suite 100. To book the space for private events, visit Peerspace.