Douglas Gilliland of Taurus Investment Holdings — the developer of Whisper Valley — joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to talk about sustainability and healthy living in Whisper Valley.

Sustainability is engrained into all aspects of Whisper Valley, from the zero-energy-capable homes to the healthy living amenities, can you tell us more about this?

“The mission of Whisper Valley is to help protect the Earth by using renewable energy to power our homes and community. Our homes are powered by thermal energy from the earth and solar power from the sun, which helps homeowners save money on their utility bills, and for those who practice good energy behavior, achieve zero-energy-capable living. Part of living in a sustainable community is achieving a healthier lifestyle — and we achieve this through our organic mini-farms that are tended by professional farmers, our lifestyle events that get people out to meet their neighbors including fitness classes at our on-site fitness center, and cooking classes at our community kitchen, and through the many opportunities to enjoy nature throughout our community, including trails, our dog park, green space, and parks.”

Whisper Valley has unique amenities not seen in many Austin communities, as you mentioned: mini-farms, miles of trails, a planned 600-acre park, and even a certified wildlife habitat. How do these amenities benefit homeowners?

“We like to think of ourselves as a ‘naturehood’ because we have so many outdoor opportunities that aren’t really seen in many master-planned communities! The planned 600-acre park will be the heartbeat of the community and will feature a wide network of trails and preserved open space. We live in such a busy, digital world that the ability to disconnect from your phone and get out and enjoy the beauty all around us is something we wanted to prioritize in the community’s master plan. Our lifestyle director also puts healthy living at the forefront by organizing fun events to bring neighbors together, and Whisper Valley also features fabulous public events focused on this healthy living ethos including our monthly farmers market, our annual 5K race, and our Earth Day event, which was just recognized as the best special event at the Austin MAX Awards.”

Speaking of awards — Whisper Valley has received numerous awards for its innovation in sustainability. Tell us about this!

“In the past year, Whisper Valley received two major awards: Austin Master-Planned Community of the Year and we also won Austin Green Project of the Year. The judges were thoroughly impressed with the innovation and impact that our development will likely have on future master-planned communities because we are the first large-scale sustainable master-planned community in the nation. We have also been recognized on the national level as the 2019 Sustainable Community of the Year by Green Builder Media. We outshone our competitors because Whisper Valley looks beyond the technical side of sustainability and takes the concept of health and wellness to a higher level through our amenities and lifestyle.”

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