Laura Elizabeth Jewelry is made for women, by women. This morning Stephanie and Rosie talked with jewelry designer Laura Elizabeth Stuart about her line.

How did you start making jewelry?

I was a nanny in graduate school, in LA. One of the kids wanted to take a jewelry-making class. Generally, as a nanny, I didn’t wear jewelry because toddlers like to pull on everything and stick anything they can get their hands on, in their mouths. That’s why I make my jewelry non-toxic and kid-friendly.

What makes it kid-friendly and sustainable?

I make everything in the US, with trusted metals and regulations. I use recycled material and a process that is better on the environment. No toxins are left on the pendants. Lastly, I double-loop each pendant to their chains. The Cactus and Dawn necklaces are examples of this. This keeps the pendant in the front while also adding more durability. I also wire-wrap everything together, which is stronger than other ways of connecting.

Where can we find Laura Elizabeth?, Hearth & Soul boutique in Tarrytown & now through Sunday at A Christmas Affair. Market entry is $15 and you can get tickets at

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