Relationship Expert and Pregnantish Founder, Andrea Syrtash joined Steph to share advice on how to navigate tough life chapters, like miscarriage and infertility, during the holiday season. 

Andrea’s big message is to come prepared, like a good politician would, with your stock answers to the questions that you don’t feel like addressing.  If you’re asked about when you’re going to conceive, for instance, and you’re struggling you can say “Trust me, you’ll hear if there’s any news” and switch the topic. 

If you feel you’ll be triggered at an event it’s important to create personal boundaries: That may mean finding an ally in the room that you can make eyes with when you’re struggling, or it may mean skipping certain events. 

In addition to helpful holiday survival tips, Andrea and Steph also talk about the latest episode of The pregnantish podcast. Andrea interviewed Texas native/Emmy award winning reporter Darla Miles, who experienced repeat miscarriages since she was in her 30s and is trying to have a baby now at 50. You can listen to the episode here.

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