Studio 512 is featuring Kathryn Stern as our Woman Crush Wednesday: a local entrepreneur who is motivated to share Austin’s local artists with the world! She is the founder of Art Lease Austin, which connects luxury interior designers, stagers, and production designers with original local artwork. The company also supports clients through the process via consulting/education, research, curating options, price negotiations, procurement, logistics. It’s a full-service operation for individual collectors and design firms. Kathryn says that the bottoms line is to continue to benefit the original artist of each piece.

Kathryn has been interested in art since a young age! She says, “I always loved original artwork and recognized even as a teen, that there were not enough ownership models available. Art Lease Austin’s leasing models direct funds back to the artist and make original artwork accessible to a wider range of people. I also specialize in curation and acquisition. If a designer or art appreciator doesn’t know where to start, I invite them to reach out to Art Lease Austin and we can find the right original artwork and ownership or leasing model that meets their needs.”

Something exciting has just happened with a local artist that Kathryn supports: her pieces are getting major air time! Kathryn says, “Some of our recent projects include placing the work of local Artist Dawn Okoro on the set of Law & Order Organized Crime. It’s thrilling to imagine more than 5 million viewers seeing her artwork. Art Lease Austin worked with the production design team to meet their needs. Thanks to a long-standing friendship with designer Carlos Menendez who has connections to Austin, our startup had the opportunity to place a local artist’s work on this newly launched Law and Order Franchise Organized Crime. We’ll continue to work with production designers as well as interior designers to find artwork that meets their specific needs, and you will be able to see a couple of Dawn’s pieces through the end of the season!”

If you’re interested in connecting with Austin’s creative community, Kathryn says that the upcoming Fusebox Festival is a great way to do it! “The art begins on Saturday, April 16th, and includes participating galleries like Ivester Contemporary, Big Medium, ICOSA, and GrayDUCK to name a few. A great way to plug into the community, learn and connect! Come out and say hi!”

Learn more about what Art Lease Austin has to offer by checking out their website, or following along on Instagram.