Small business expert, entrepreneur and founder of the “Dear FoundHer…” podcast, Lindsay Pinchuk, is helping Studio 512 viewers pack for summer vacation! She shared some of her top products from female-founded businesses:

Tip 1:  Keep your jewelry organized and tangle-free.

“It’s no surprise that a mom of three invented this product to easily pack her favorite accessories without worry, frustration or hassle. The LASSO Tangle-Free Accessory Organizer protects, stores and organizes your delicate jewelry like necklaces, pendants, studs, rings…and even tech cords when packing for on-the-go travel. LASSO is your travel-sized ‘accessory necessity’ to prevent tangles and breakage of your jewelry and tech essentials when you’re carrying them in your bag, purse or pocket. No more knots! ‘Slip, Wrap, Snap’ your favorite accessories in and around LASSO’s compact, shatterproof barrel that comes in 3 neutral colors for the whole family.”

Tip 2: Label, Label, Label. 

“Another mom-invented product, Mabel’s Labels’ personalized, durable and waterproof labels helps me keep EVERYTHING together and organized when I am packing my family for vacation. The Travel Label pack is designed to label suitcases, toiletry bags, electronics, water bottles and everything else travelling with you. Mabel’s Labels Personalized Bag Tags are also perfect for labeling your kids’ carry-on bags and backpacks. No more family and sibling mix-ups when you use Mabel’s Labels to organize your end-of-summer travel luggage and gear.”

Tip 3:  Keep your family healthy and germ-free. 

“I’ve said this here before, but as a total germaphobe before COVID and especially now, PlaneAire is a MUST for travel. This is a woman-owned, modern travel brand that creates innovative plant-based products designed for travel. Whether you are vacationing or heading to a destination wedding or honeymoon, you’ll want to pack a 2 oz. TSA-sized PlaneAire Hands hand sanitizer.

“PlaneAire Hands is a hand sanitizer made with moisturizing ingredients + kills 99.99% of germs. It’s made with ingredients like aloe vera, green tea extract, safflower oil, and a variety of plant-based ingredients that make your hands feel soft and smell great! BONUS for couples traveling or if you’re going to a wedding: no one wants dry, rough or germy hands when saying ‘I do,’ so couples can travel with PlaneAire Hands and pick from more than 10 unique signature blends like: 3 Mint, Cardamom Lavender, Lemongrass Rosemary, Orange Pineapple or lotion Sandalwood and Pomegranate Basil.”

Tip 4: Stay organized with packing cubes!

“I started using packing cubes for camp for my kids a few years ago, and then I started using them for myself when packing for vacations as well! Away makes an amazing set of packing cubes, keeping all of your essentials organized. These packing cubes compress and are made from water-resistant nylon, a HUGE bonus as your clothes are protected. They’re designed with a mesh panel you can find exactly what you’re looking for without unpacking.”

Tip 5: Make sure to pack a functional carry on bag.

“I love the State Bags Kane Double Pocket Large Backpack. This is a great carry on that goes the distance. With two large compartments, a padded lap top sleeve and a luggage slip sleeve in back, this bag is roomy and has thought about all of the functionality you need for travel, making it a perfect solution for anyone getting ready to take a trip.”

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