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Steph spoke with Nulo Pet Food’s Customer Care Manager, Ashlyn Lane about Summer safety for our pets and the importance of hydration. The hot topics they discussed are below.

When is the best time of day to walk your pups during A Texas summer?

Early morning or evening/dusk when temperatures are at the mildest. If you are walking in a busy area near roadways when lighting is low, always make sure that your dog is wearing reflective gear of some kind and/or a blinking light. Make sure you are highly visible, too!

How can we protect their paws on hot days?

Always do a temperature check on the pavement with the back of your hand. If it’s hot to the touch then it’s too hot for your pup!

To protect your pup’s feet, try walking on dirt pathways rather than paved paths. If you must walk on pavement, you can train your dog to wear “booties” with rubber soles to protect their paws.

How do we make sure our pups are getting enough exercise without overheating?

Exercise and a proper diet go hand in hand, just like for people, so while you focus on making sure your pet gets enough exercise, also make sure you are giving as much attention to what makes it in your pet’s bowl each mealtime. If you feed a highly nutrition diet like Nulo, follow our feeding guidelines for your particular pup, and exercise for a least 30-60 minutes each day with your pet, you can make sure you are meeting their needs while also keeping them safe.

Moderation is key during the hot summer months. Try exercising with your dog in smaller intervals more frequently. For example, instead of spending a solid hour outside, try going for smaller walks in 10-15-minute increments throughout the day.

No one knows your dog better than you, so whatever you do just make sure you’re monitoring and staying in tune with how your dog is acting and feeling!

How do we monitor hydration for our pups?

Many people don’t think of water as a “nutrient”, but it actually is and it’s even one of the most important ones! Like our own bodies, your dog’s body will naturally lose water all day. Through normal metabolic functions, panting, sweating through the paws, and also when he/she uses the bathroom. Losing even 10-15% of the water in his/her body can start to create problems for your dog so it’s extremely important to make sure they are drinking enough water throughout the day.

A good way to keep hydration top of mind for your dog is to make sure your dog gets at least one ounce of water for each pound he/she weighs. For example, a 50lb dog will need at least 50 ounces of water each day or even more depending on temperature and exercise levels. An easy way to keep track of this on the go (or even at home) is to carry your dog his/her own water bottle and keep track of how much he/she is drinking that way. When you’re home or even stationary, make sure water is available at ALL TIMES and monitor the levels in his/her bowl to ensure your dog is getting enough water.

If you fear your dog may be dehydrated, there are two common methods used to do a quick check for dehydration in dogs.

  1. Lift the skin on the back between your dog’s shoulders. It should return to its normal place pretty quickly if your dog is hydrated. 
  2. Gently touch your finger to your dog’s gums until the pressure creates a light spot. The normal color should come back right away when you remove your finger. Also, the gums should feel slick and moist.

Just like with people, you can also monitor your pup’s urine color when they use the bathroom to get a gage for their hydration levels.

What Nulo products should we add to support hydration?

Nulo’s Bone Broths, meaty pouches, and canned recipes are all high in moisture and support hydration, but we’re especially excited to talk about one of our newest products, Nulo Hydrate! Hydrate is our very own, innovative water enhancer for dogs. All you have to do is shake, squeeze into your pets’ water, and serve! It not only adds palatability to your dog’s plain water, but also includes B-vitamins, electrolytes, and essential amino acids for optimal hydration – especially during these hot summer months!

Nulo Hydrate is also easy to carry with you while you are out and about with your dog. Our other products, like bone broths, are a great option to serve each night with mealtime to make sure that your dog is getting all of the water and nutrients they need this summer.

Do you have any recommendations for treating your Pup with a DIY “Pupsicle?”

-An efficient, tasty, and easy way to hydrate your pup is with a Nulo Bone Broth “pupcsicle!” Place a Nulo Bone Broth in the freezer. Once frozen, open at the top, push from the bottom, and allow your pup to enjoy! Another fun idea is to freeze the bone broths in ice cube trays and offer the frozen cubes to your pup to hydrate, enjoy, and cool down!

What are some tips on making sure cats stay safe and hydrated too?

Hydration for cats is extremely important, too! Unlike dogs, our cats are less likely to drink large amounts straight from the bowl and instead rely almost exclusively on their diet to deliver the water they need! Because of this, it’s even more important to make sure you are feeding your cat a diet high in moisture. This makes Nulo canned recipes, meaty pouches, and bone broths excellent options to incorporate to your cat’s mealtimes! You can even try Nulo Hydrate with your feline friends to make their plain water a bit more interesting! Additionally, keeping your cat indoors and allowing access to water at all times are things you can always do to keep your cat safe in the Texas summer heat!

You can Learn more about Nulo pet food and where it’s carried by going to, or by following along on social media @NuloPetFood.

To order Nulo’s new Hydrate product and get a free ice cube tray with purchase of a 4-pack of Hydrate go to

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