Karen Helton of Kiss N’ Makeup shared summer 2021 beauty trends with Studio 512.

  • Bold lip color…. there is some debate over orange vs. fuchsia. Red is always a classic. Bottom line, bold lips are in! If no one’s going to see your lips during your masked days, though, I prefer lips balms or lip oils.
  • Epic eyes are all the buzz. Green eye shadow and colorful eye pencils are both in right now, but if you want this to be a ‘doable’ everyday look, I recommend just a light wash of color across the eyelid, then pump it up at night for some serious glam!
  • There is some debate over cat eye vs. natural line. The cat eye has been around awhile and some feel it is a tired look, but I think it is a classic look when done correctly.
  • Glowy, healthy skin with lightweight foundations or BB creams work well during the summer. They are much easier to maintain and less apt to show flaws.
  • Rosy cheeks are in: think a ‘sweet flush.’ I usually prefer cream blushes in the summer. They blend more easily with heat and humidity.”

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