Kate Niemeyer, suffers from a rare skin condition and as a teen, she nearly died in a hospital burn unit in St. Louis, Mo., because she suffered from an adverse reaction to medication, a rare condition called Stevens Johnson Syndrome.

Doctors told her parents that the chances of her surviving was slim and if she lived, she would be most likely be blind. She wasn’t left blind but she did have a lot of scarring in her eyes that left her with very sensitive eyes. So if sweat dripped in her eyes when she worked out, she is literally left blinded.

And that’s how her invention of Handana came about. She used to tie a bandana around her hand to wipe sweat away. She found this was easier than a wristband. Handana went from idea to market in 6 months and has been on the market for 5 years now. The passion behind the product is to raise awareness about SJS. She has been on a couple talk shows, magazines and podcasts. Their mission is to inspire others to cross their finish line no matter where it is in life and empower others along the way.

She wants to spread awareness of SJS because 30 years later after having it doctor still don’t know why it occurs. She has been a nurse for almost 25 years now she tells her story every day and nurses and doctors still haven’t heard of it. She started SJ Syndrome of Texas 501C to lead the way the world becomes aware, understands, treats and defeats SJS. SJ Syndrome is holding their annual fundraiser, Stop the Burn Gala, on October 24th at the Still Austin Whiskey Distillery from 5:00p to 9:00p. There will be delicious food and drink with music provided by Bob Schneider. For more information, visit www.sjsyndrome.com.

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