Inspired by the Netflix hit “Get Organized With The Home Edit,” Rosie and Steph have been trying to tidy up their spaces! They both needed some professional help, though, and thankfully, Sara Fritsch with Moxie Space came to their rescue! Check out the segment above to see Steph’s space transform with the all inclusive service from Moxie Space.

Here are some of Sara’s tips, if you’re trying to clean out an area like the pantry by yourself:

  • Take some time for reflection. Sara does a full interview with her clients to get an idea of how they use their spaces, so that the organization she does is not only beautiful, but useful. Do you need to change the height of where a certain type of item goes to make it more accessible to certain family members? Is there a section you never find yourself using? Asking yourself these questions will help you identify what’s most important for your family’s needs!
  • Products really do make a difference. Lazy Susans, bins, decanters for dried goods — they can all help organize a space to make room that you didn’t know you had. A big change for Rosie’s pantry was just putting liners on the shelves, so smaller items wouldn’t fall through the slats.
  • That said, the success of the Netflix show means there’s been a real run on The Container Store, which is a great place to pick up products! Shop online ahead of time to make sure they’ve got what you’re looking for. Sara also uses Amazon as a supplement for products she can’t find at TCS.
  • Be aware that decanting will increase your overall cost. Put simply, the more products you use, the higher your total will be. If you’re not sold on the idea of putting your flour, sugar, cereals and other dry goods in decanters, consider other options. This is also a good point to consider if you don’t see yourself keeping up with decanting each time you get home from the grocery store!

Sara is a professional organizer who wants you to “spend more time living your life, instead of struggling with your stuff.” Recent blog posts include “5 Must-Have Organizing Products For Back-To-School” and “Why It’s So Hard to Finish That Organizing Project.”

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