Steph Shares Tips To Rebuild & Refresh Your Garden

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It’s been a tough year for anyone with a garden. First the freeze, then the constant rain, and now it’ll be scorching hot for months. Steph finally got the motivation to do a total garden overhaul, and has some tips to share if you’re considering doing this too.

Like many, Steph lost most of her plants in the freeze and after a very wet May she had no idea where to start with such a messy and unfortunate looking garden space. She shared that her garden was her happy place last year and now it was just at the point of stressing her out. There were dead plants, standing water and lots of debris covering the space that used to be full of life.

She started by doing a total cleanup of the garden, disposing of dead plants, leaves and weeds. This took a few hours but it made the space a lot easier to work in. From there she asked her friend Lance Roberson of Plance.Org for some suggestions on what to plant, replace and purchase.

Lance suggested to replace some of the plants that were lost in the freeze, especially the ones that were thriving in that space. Steph replaced her jasmine and many of the mosquito repellant plants such as citronella, rosemary and lavender.

Another great tip to consider is keep it simple. Start with just a few flowers and plants that are eye catching and easy to care for since many of us are still feeling stressed about the damage the winter storm caused on what was possibly years of work in the garden. Keeping it simple will help you succeed in rebuilding your garden over time.

Steph also added a fun addition to her garden by purchasing a trellis that she attached some big, bright, fake flowers to. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for a garden landscape but the purpose of the trellis is to obstruct a window view so that Steph’s pup’s aren’t constantly obsessing over what’s happening outside. The fake flowers and vine she added will ensure that the window will remain obstructed throughout the seasons and she has also added real vines that will flourish throughout the summer. The big bright flowers may be fake but they do add some real “pop” to the garden!

A final tip from garden expert Lance Roberson, buy a bag of mulch and put a layer on top of the soil in your garden beds and pots. This will prevent the need for excessive watering over the summer months. It helps keep moisture in the soil, like a protective layer and it makes everything look clean…if you can actually make dirt look clean 🙂

For more tips on all things gardening and plants you can contact Lance Roberson with PLance.Org through his website or via email

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