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  1. Single Most Important Tip to Keep You Organized – Do FIRST!
    – Spend 15 minutes writing down every single thing/project coming up for the holiday, “brain dump”
    – Spend 5 minutes prioritizing, and choosing what isn’t absolutely necessary
    – In another sitting, spend 30-45 minutes planning your budget for the season (don’t forget to add food costs!)
  2. How to Store Ornaments, Lighting, and Gift Wrap
    – Products, products, products!
    – Use an Ornament Storage Bin and discard all your old, worn, individual ornament boxes (at The Container Store or Amazon)
    – Wrap light strings around a piece of cardboard and label the type of light “white lights for tree,” “colored for the roof,” etc) Put all of your lights into a large plastic tote/bin
    – Find a gift wrap tote specifically for your holiday wrapping to keep everything together + accessible (at The Container Store or Amazon)
  3. Create a System for Your Receipts and Returns
    – Keep a small accordion-style organizer in your car, and file all holiday receipts by name of store or by gift recipient
    – Always say “yes” to the gift receipt and keep this one in the bag with your purchase, so you have it when it’s time to wrap the gift
    – Spend 25 minutes every week to check in with your budget (so easy with online banking + your receipt organizer!)
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