CW stars Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, better known as Damon and Stefan Salvatore from “The Vampire Diaries,” are launching a venture together, and they sat down with Rosie and Steph on their recent tour of Austin to talk about their brand and their friendship.

Ian and Paul Wesley’s new liquor, Brother’s Bond Bourbon, is being released in Texas this June. As co-founders, they have been involved in the company every step along the way, from the bourbon development to the brand identity to marketing and sales plans. Ian says the downtime of 2020 didn’t feel very relaxing for them: they were talking with each other and working every single day, preparing for this launch!

Ian and Paul say their bourbon is the result of the artful blending of three distinctive mash bills to create a four-grain straight bourbon whiskey: the corn adds sweetness and fruit notes. The rye adds spice and floral notes. The wheat adds bready softness to the texture. The barley rounds out the flavors with its nutty and caramel notes.  

Fun news for fans: Ian and Paul stopped by two Twin Liquors locations — the Hancock Center location (1000 E 41st St Suite 810, Austin, TX 78751) and on South Lamar (4001 S Lamar Blvd a, Austin, TX 78704)! — to sign about 40 bottles of their whiskey. They got permission from store managers to hide the whiskey around the stores, so check to see if you can find their “Easter eggs!”

You can join in, too! Check out Ian and Paul, along with Twin Liquors, as they introduce Brother’s Bond Bourbon on Wednesday, June 16th. The virtual event will be live at 6 p.m., and you can register at the link here

Check out their story and learn more about their liquor at the Brother’s Bond Bourbon’s website.