As the weather is warming up, it’s prime ice cream time, and these flavors from Lick Honest Ice Creams really embrace the flavors of spring and highlight beautiful local produce and markers. Anthony Sobotik, CEO and CoFounder of Lick Ice Creams joined Rosie for her birthday celebration and to tell us more.

The Garden Lemon features Kaffir Lime leaves, which Lick gets from US Citrus in South Texas. Kaffir Lime trees are native to Southeast Asia, and are grown in a nursery with love and care before being sent to Lick. They have a special herbaceous quality that comes out in the flavor of Garden Lemon, and with the lemongrass, it just punches up the citrus levels.

Carrot Cake contains no gluten, it just tastes exactly like carrot cake! The carrots are cooked in a sugar syrup until tender, and blended there’s only a small bit of texture, then  blended into the Mother Culture cream cheese base. Throughout this season, guests will see some bright orange tubs, and even some purple tubs! Texas carrots can vary a bit in flavor and color, and it’s something the Lick team embraces in this flavor. 

Lady Bird Lavender Crisp: Texas’ Hill Country Lavender meets sweet cinnamon brown sugar crisp in this floral spring flavor honoring Lady Bird Johnson’s legacy for preserving Texas’ beloved wildflowers!

There’s many more, and summer flavors are coming soon!

Learn more about their offerings and even order online, head to

Rosie also got a birthday cake surprise with a beautiful spring cake from Make It Sweet!