We had the chance to reconnect with author Julie Rogers about her novel “Falling Stars,” which has won six awards since our last interview.

About “Falling Stars”:

Nine-year-old Tommy Lucas needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. But Tommy’s convinced that he’s a vampire, that his cancer is a curse on his bloodline. His mom, June, is an oncologist. She puts off “the talk” with Tommy and allows him to continue a soft practice of his fantasy (like eating only red-colored foods) because she doesn’t want him to lose hope.

Tommy’s stoked when he discovers an e-zine series about urban legend Viscount Claudius Fallon, a dhampyre from Cardiff who traveled to Eureka Springs seeking a cure for his own leukemia during WWII.

Tommy’s quest leads him to befriend a local artist, who struggles with his growing affection for June—for he is Fallon, cured in 1939 at the Baker Cure-for-Cancer Hospital. Fallon must decide whether he’ll take the risks involved in helping Tommy or falling in love with June.

About the author:

Julie is a multi-genre author. Her articles and stories are featured in self-help, inspirational, trade, and fiction publications including Writer’s DigestCoping With CancerComplete WomanDaily Meditation, and the anthology Writes of Passage: Every Woman has a Story!

She is the 1999 Writer’s Digest Writing Competition Grand Prize Winner for her horror short story, “House Call.”

Her seventh novel,  Falling Stars, is a six-time award winner, including the 2023 International Firebird Awards First-Place Winner in Urban Fantasy and the 2023 Pinnacle Book Awards Best Book in Fantasy.

Other awards include Fade In magazine’s 2005 Screenplay Semi-Finalist for the thriller, Grave Jumper, and the 1998 Writer’s Digest Writing Competition First for her stage play comedy, Garage Sale.