Calling all culinary and hospitality professionals! Chef Periko Ortega from Recomiendo in Córdoba, Spain and Chef Alonso Fernandez of Fine Food Fetishist are coming to Austin, as well as other cutting-edge chefs, to promote wines, cheeses, Iberian ham and techniques for amazing Spanish cooking in an event called Spain Fusion. They chatted with Studio 512 about the event, which is happening on Monday, May 22nd, 2023 and is free.

What is Spain Fusion? Why did you choose to bring it to Austin?

“Spain Fusion is an immersive food and wine educational experience in support of foods and wine from Spain. It consists of panels, tastings and meetings with Spain’s top exporters of wine, olive oil, cheese, Iberian ham, and more in order to reach a wider culinary audience. Speakers for this year’s Spain Fusion include Chef Danny Lledó from Washington D.C.’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Xiquet, Chef Mat Schuster from San Francisco’s Canela Bistró and us.”

Spain Fusion is for culinary and hospitality professionals only, correct?

“Yes, Spain Fusion is targeted to culinary and hospitality professionals only, so unfortunately not open to the public. It is designed to bring organizations like Vocento Gastronomia, a leader in the culinary industry, together with other top chefs and businesses in the industry.”

What are some of the dishes and foods attendees can expect to try at Spain Fusion?

“There will be lots of cheese, wine and ham! We can show you our patatas bravas – a Spanish potato dish – as an example of something we teach.”

The event starts at noon at Hotel Ella and daytime programming goes until 6 p.m. It is free to culinary and hospitality individuals, so register now at

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