Singer/Songwriter Shane Cooley Talks “Songwriters Across Texas”

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Singer/Songwriter Shane Cooley Talks “Songwriters Across Texas”

Singer/songwriter Shane Cooley stopped by Studio 512 to show us a bit about the songwriting process! He has an episode coming out this weekend on “Songwriters Across Texas,” a regional live concert show featuring Texas songwriters.

Steph asked, “How did you get involved in the Texas music scene and what do you have coming up?”

Shane says, “I came to Austin for SXSW and wound up getting lost on my way to a gig at a coffee shop. This man in a van saw me walking on the side of the road, gave me the wrong directions by accident, then came back later when he realized his mistake. He took me to my gig and became a fan…fast forward a couple months and he and his wife invited me to stay in a spare room for $50, which for a musician, can change your life because it cleared a path I really needed to go down. I met my wife playing at that same coffee shop after moving here.”

“And how did you get discovered to be put on this show?”

“The bassist of my band, Wayne, helped produce a local film for the TV show’s director, Ben Foster. And my guitarist, Ian was also their sound guy. Ben heard our music somewhere along the way and invited us to play…and since then they’ve been following me around for a documentary they’re putting together on Texas music songwriters. It’s a kind of sister show to ‘Songwriters Across Texas,’ and Ben used the TV show as an audition process to see which acts he wanted to cover for the documentary.”

“I saw a clip of the show and what really caught my attention was how you and your band dress and the way you present yourself, tell me about that.”

Shane was an artist as a child who wanted to become a rock star, but never really grew up in the process. Shane considers himself still a kid — he talks about dressing up in costume and decorating his guitar with leaves, and how he reveals his face to the audience through the course of the show as he opens up musically.

“There’s a second layer; I want the experience to unfold for my audience. Similar to a performance evolving and unfolding, I think a song does sort of the same thing. It’s more than just music, there’s an experience for a listener, so when I start writing a song.”

Catch Shane on an upcoming episode of Songwriters Across Texas, which airs every Saturday at 5:30 PM on the CW Austin. For more information, go to, or check them out on social media.

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