Thais Perkins, owner of Reverie Books, joined Studio 512 to talk about her bookstore…and gave us some fall reading recommendations!

Thais says, “Reverie Books was established in South Austin’s ’45 neighborhood in the late fall of 2021 right when it looked as though the pandemic would wane (it didn’t). Reverie Books is primarily a neighborhood bookstore with a mix of new and used titles and a children’s section. We are, however, dedicated to social justice and community, with a mission of uplifting marginalized voices and youth empowerment through our high school internship/ community giveback program.”

Reverie has a lot to offer: you can sponsor a shelf, get merchandise, shop antiquarian and signed books and more. Reverie also promotes One Page Salon each month. “Hosted every first Tuesday of the month at Radio Coffee and Beer in their amazing outdoor space, One Page Salon is a gathering of local writers and creatives that take the stage to read one page of a work in progress.”

Thais’ fall reading recommendations:

  • Vampires of El Norte” by Isabelle Canas. “This is my adult fiction recommendation. Vampires and Vaqueros face off on Texas Mexico border in the supernatural western from the author of ‘The Hacienda.’ This is 1840s Mexico combining the tensions of the era with monsters. The book is relevant and creepy – perfect for spooky season, and it’s written by a local author!”
  • Silicon Hearts” by Robin Miyashita and R.K. Moravee. “This book includes tech industry romance and a little bit to do with coming of age in your 20s, which is very relevant to Austin. This is a straight romance novel.”
  • A Long Time Dead” by Samara Breger. “This is a lesbian vampire story, as sultry as it is scary! It’s published by a small press, Bywater Books.”
  • All The Right Notes” by Dominic Lim. “Think Broadway dreams in New York City! This is a romance story for gay men.”
  • The Lost Library” by Rebecca Stead and Wendy Mass. “We have a great children’s section here at Reverie. ‘The Lost Library’ is so fun: it’s a magical adventure where two 11-year-old boys find a link between old books and events in the long ago past.”

Reverie Books is now open 7 days a week. You can shop in-store or on their larger online catalog at