Amy Gambill of Amy Gambill Designs chatted with Studio 512 about her gemstone jewelry, which she makes by hand.

Amy is a UTexas alum. She says, “Aptitude tests in school told me I should have been an engineer As usual, I went against the grain and with the help of the University of Texas, chose finance instead. After I was laid off from Enron in 2001, jaded by corporate America (needless to say), I desperately wanted to find a career that fulfilled me on a more personal level. I’ve loved fashion and all things decadent and opulent for as long as I can remember. Gemstones, geology and mineralogy have fascinated me since childhood. Add to that an artistic side that hadn’t been fed in a long while. Everything I needed for my own personal fulfillment seemed to align with jewelry design: the business aspect, the artistic aspect, the luxury of the materials and the process of building each piece with my hands.

“Many in Austin originally know me as Amy Holton Designs but I made a long overdue life change last year and have rebranded to my maiden name, with Amy Gambill Designs.”

Amy’s collections include:

A helpful tip from Amy to keep your jewelry from tarnishing: “Keep the silica packets you find in shoe boxes, etc.! I have a whole Ziploc bag of them I’ve saved. Place them throughout your jewelry box to help with tarnish and as an extra measure, store silver in a Ziploc bag, pressing all of the air out. The Ziploc gives an extra barrier to the humidity in the air which causes metals to tarnish.”

Amy has a sample sale coming up! It includes her solitaire collection. Shop each of her collections online at