It is spring in Austin and as the weather warms that means the return of Sherwood Forest Faire and the adventure with Robin Hood and his merry band of outlaws.

Maid Marian and Robin Hood joined Studio 512 Co-host Rosie Newberry to tell us more.

How long will the Sherwood Forest Faire be open?

Open weekends: March 4th through April 23rd, rain or shine, 10 AM – dusk, and on Friday March 17th. No pets allowed.

The faire is just right outside of Austin, isn’t that right?

“Yes, the faire is 35 minutes east of Austin — just far enough out of town to see the stars from our medieval campground. Indeed, whether you are coming from Austin, Houston, San Antonio, or anywhere, you can stay in the campground, and not have to drive twice in one day.”

So Sherwood Forest takes us back to the middle ages? What will that be like for your guests?

“As soon as you step foot into Sherwood Forest, it’s like you’ve entered a real-life fairytale. There are knights in shining armor, fairy creatures of all shapes and sizes, and of course the merry outlaws of Sherwood Forest, there to keep the greedy barons in check. However, some of the royals are true of heart, including our own King Richard and the Queen Mother Elanor of Aquitaine.”

The 25-acre village is filled with shops full of handcrafted artwork, delicious food and drink, and exciting shows of music, magic, jousting, juggling, sword-fighting, and more. Come for the day, or stay all weekend at the medieval campground. Sherwood Forest Faire is on Highway 290, just 35 miles east of Austin.

Purchase tickets and learn more about the adventures that await at

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