Julia McCurley of Something More chatted with Studio 512 about one of her most recent success stories, Sheena and Gunnar.

Sheena says, “I can’t tell you guys how excited and how elated I am by the way that they matched us together…I feel like I have met my (perfect). You don’t want to say that out loud, but I’m so happy. And Gunnar, did you feel like you found your ‘one and done?'” “Yes, it’s been three months and it’s been wonderful. I don’t even know what to say. It’s just, so amazing to have found somebody.”

Julia says, “Sheena and Gunnar are head-over-heels in love. They met back in October and things went from zero to 60 in just a few weeks. He was looking for someone who is funny and can banter with, but who also loves to have deep conversations. Sheena is an aspiring comedian, and as most comics are, she has no filter and has no problems expressing her opinions and sharing her feelings. When you see them in person, they literally cannot keep their eyes off each other. When she was telling me how happy she is it brought tears to both of our eyes…and believe it or not, Sheena was Gunnar’s first match!”

Are you ready to spend your life with your soulmate? Follow Sheena’s advice: “Don’t go to the hardware store for milk” — trust a professional who knows what they’re doing!

Julia is Austin’s only Certified Matchmaker. She’s been in Austin for decades, and started her company in 2009. She takes the guesswork out of dating, and she puts a lot of time and research into matching people based on many factors, including attachment styles, love languages, temperament and more.

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