Kids are heading back to school, and we want to set them up for success! Sara Fritsch, owner of Moxie Space Professional Organizing, spoke with Studio 512 about ways to organize kids’ spaces.

Sara and her team have written a blog on this subject. Find it here, and find key points summarized on the four systems to create in your home below:

1. Drop Zone

 – Put it where you enter/exit your home

 – Utilize all the vertical space you can

 – Consider these products: hooks, wall-mounted file holders, shoe shelves, cubbies

2. Lunch Prep Zone

 – Designate a whole area (cabinet, drawer, or shelf)

 – Corral everything that goes in the lunchbox, including baggies and water bottles

 – Consider making it kid-accessible, so the kids can help pack their own lunch

3. Homework Station

– Set it up where kids naturally gravitate to!

– Avoid putting it where you think it should be

– Product suggestions: a rolling cart, divided turntables, or multi-purpose bins

4. Take Control of the Papers

 – Create an “in” and “out” bin for homework, permission slips, etc.

 – Clean out this spaces at the end or beginning of every week

 – Set up a file box for each child to store mementos + artwork

Sara is co-leading an upcoming organizing and interior design workshop on September 12th. She encourages everyone to follow along with Moxie Space on Instagram to learn more, @MoxieSpace. To see all of Moxie Space’s professional organizing and unpacking services – and to book your free consultation today – go to