Dan Leal, executive director of Seedling Foundation, spoke with Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to discuss its mentoring program including the need for mentors as well as children who may need Seedling’s service.

Seedling, a non-profit organization providing school-based mentoring, is seeking mentors and donors to support children impacted by parental incarceration.

What is the value to children who have an incarcerated parent to have a mentor in their lives? 

“Having an incarcerated parent is an adverse experience for the children. They do not know when or if their parent is coming home. Having a reliable adult friend to invest in the child each week gives them a stable presence during a difficult time in their lives. Having a friend to listen helps the children to release some of the feelings they might be experiencing,” Leal said.

Does Seedling serve any child in Central Texas who has an incarcerated parent?

Leal said Seedling makes matches of children in five school districts in Central Texas:

  • Austin ISD
  • Del Valle ISD
  • Hays Consolidated ISD
  • Pflugerville ISD
  • KIPP Texas Public Schools

“Matches are made for children who have an incarcerated parent in many schools in those school districts for children starting in Kindergarten through eighth grade,” he said.

What are some needs for Seedling right now? 

“Seedling is in need of mentors and donations to help us serve more children in Central Texas during the 2021-22 school year. For more information on donating or mentoring, visit SeedlingMentors.org.

Where can we go to learn more about the Seedling Foundation?

To mentor or donate, visit seedlingmentors.org or call (512) 323-6371.

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