Belén Ramos, who at 25 years old is directing her first improv stage performance with ColdTowne Theater, visited with Studio 512 about her creation, “StrangeTown.”

“Strange things are afoot in StrangeTowne, where the community regularly congregates for town hall meetings to voice their concerns – glowing sludge coming out of the shower, pond water that makes dogs grow extra eyes, that kind of thing. The citizens of StrangeTowne build their weird world and then live in it, bringing the audience along with them.”

Belén says that PG-13 and R-rated comedy fans (including those who liked the town hall meetings in “Parks & Recreation”) will have a blast enjoying this show, where the kooky characters work with audience suggestions for a live improv performance.

Shows start Friday, January 13th at 8:30 p.m., and they run each Friday and Saturday through the end of the month at ColdTowne’s new location on 2nd Street.

If you’re in the market to try improv or sketch comedy this year, you’re in luck! ColdTowne is hosting classes and free workshops, along with lots of shows to get you inspired.

Learn more about “StrangeTowne” and all the fun happenings at ColdTowne Theater on their website.