Mónica Ceniceros, founder of atxGALS and The Cathedral, spoke with Studio 512 about “Horizon,” which is atxGALS’ August open house theme, celebrating local artists.

Mónica says, “Introducing Horizon, an art exhibit that invites you on a journey of boundless perspectives and infinite possibilities. The horizon, an elusive yet compelling concept, has been a source of inspiration for artists throughout the ages. It represents the meeting point between the tangible and the intangible, the known and the unknown, the present and the future, the figurative and the abstract. In the exhibition, we explore the horizon’s impact on our perceptions, emotions and the human spirit. 

“The horizon holds a unique symbolism, transcending it’s geographical significance. Just as a we chase the elusive line where the sky and earth merge, we, as individuals, are constantly in pursuit of something greater. It signifies the continuous journey of discovery and the unyielding desire to desire to explore beyond our perceived limits. Through their artistic expressions, our featured artists have showcased the boundless nature of creativity itself in this new collection.

Join us for the debut of Horizon this Friday, August 25th.

✦ Meet the artists & shop their new collections
✦ Vibe to a performance by Grace Sorensen
✦ Sip complimentary craft cocktails

Benefiting Operation Hydration ATX.


“Ahn Hee is an abstract painter basted in Austin, TX. Her previous work as an art therapist and reiki practitioner has sparked her creative journey towards her own healing. Working in the trauma field has allowed Ahn Hee to grasp a better understanding of how to process energy within. Through her own obstacles and experiences, she has begun to use her artwork as a means to process and express emotion to create inner calm and balance within.

“Influenced by nature, experiences and the rhythmic flow of energy that surrounds her, she hopes to translate movement, recovery and a calming energy that is free and familiar for her viewers. Just as energy shifts and turns, Ahn Hee trusts her creative process to evolve along-side.”


“Danika paints both en-plein-air and creates in-studio work based on photographs, sketches and memories. She currently lives and works in Austin, Texas creating commissioned paintings and developing her own series of work which she exhibits throughout the country. Danika is a dedicated advocate for the preservation of public lands.

“She uses her platform as an artist to fundraise for the National Parks Foundation and spread awareness of conservation efforts. Danika has been featured as top emerging talent by Western Art Collector and Southwest Art.”


“Grace Sorensen is one of the fastest-rising stars in the Austin music scene. A singer, songwriter, and dancer, she’s been dubbed ‘Austin’s Wonderkid’ by the media. In her young career she has already landed features on both projects by Empire Record’s BLK ODYSSY, opened for Diana Ross, and surpassed 500k organic streams on her single ‘Digits.'”


LOVE THY NEIGHBOR: OPERATION HYDRATION ATX is Austin Area Urban League’s initiative for providing clean water to the unhoused residents of Austin. The AAUL discovered that a lack of access to potable water for drinking, as well as other daily necessities, is a common issue for our unhoused citizens the Austin area. Reporting indicates that 100% of the Unhoused Community Council (UCC) from the AAUL Helping Our Members Effectively Stabilize (H.O.M.E.S.) model members surveyed said they face barriers to accessing clean water daily.”

Tickets for “Horizon” are available on EventBrite.

Mónica says that summer is actually atxGALS’ slow season, and that things are picking up for the fall! “Don’t miss a night of dance, art & strings at the 3rd annual show in partnership with Ventana Ballet, Night Birds.” Learn more about the event online.