Rosie’s At-Home Manicure Guide

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D.I.Y. Nails At Home:

First, let’s chat the style and shape of nail that best fits you.

  • Finger-length, squared or squoval nails will fare the best, especially if you use your hands a lot.
  • Almond, coffin or stiletto-shaped nails are fun and trendy, but they leave your nails more vulnerable to breaks and tears.

Get creative! Break out your craft brushes, pens and pencils. You can do some fun designs with household items. Check out the tools Rosie uses here.

Process With A Gel Lamp:

  • Trim, file, smooth and buff your nails, and wash your hands. Make sure your cuticles are safely pushed back.
  • Use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel (*Rosie does not suggest cotton pads, as fibers can get trapped on your nail, only to then be dragged into polish*) to clean all of your nails.
  • Paint one hand at a time and cure it, starting with a base coat, 2 color coats, and finishing with a top coat.
  • If you’re doing design work, do it after your 2nd color coat, before your top coat. Any designs will need to be cured separately of the polish they’re sitting on, so the design stays intact. That means 5 rounds total under the lamp!

If you’re new to gel polish, your nails will be VERY STICKY after they’re done curing. Yes, they are dry! You just need to remove the top layer of gunk with rubbing alcohol (Cotton pads are fine here). ROSIE TIP: Do not wipe down between layers.

Need A Gel Kit?

CND Shellac is the kit Rosie uses. Her go-to colors are: Creekside (baby blue), Romantique (white) and Cake Pop (baby pink). A great summer red is Lobster Roll.

Something important to keep in mind: buy all one type. Do not mix polishes from one line and a light system from another. Some lamps are UV, some are LED: there are pros and cons to both.

Be prepared to pay more money upfront for polishes. Nice gel polishes can run $10-$20 for a single color. You always need a top coat and bottom coat on-hand, too.

ROSIE TIP: Oil between manicures and pedicures.

ALWAYS use a base coat, even if you’re just doing regular polish. Sun exposure can yellow your nails, especially if you’re wearing red or pink polish. The base coat will act as a protective layer.

Trends To Try:

Work with negative space! If you’re feeling like you want your nails to have a break from color, do a clear base coat, and then play around with designs on a natural nail.

Dots are the easiest to achieve if you don’t have any tools. Bright colors work great for this, and it’s a really fresh take on manicures!

Having a white — or nearly-white — color in your arsenal is a great idea, because it gives you lots of versatility for something like this.

Ombre it out. If you’re like Rosie and you get bored of looking at one color for two weeks, make every nail a different color! You can do themes on a single hue (like different shades of purple), or more of a rainbow effect. The trick is to do a dot of each color on a piece of paper or napkin before you get started, so that you’re sure you like your order and your tones together!

We want to see your nail art! Email us a picture at and make sure you follow us on social media @Studio512TV. Happy painting!

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