It’s all in the family: sisters Gracie Buro and Gretchen Yeager own Gracie and Gretchen (or G&G), a company that wants to revive the art of hosting.

“We are two sisters from the small town Brenham, Texas that now live in Austin that grew up loving to host and create beautiful tables, whether that was for a tea party with our Barbies at a young age or helping our mother decorate the table for Easter brunch with family and friends. We always loved seeing the joy it brought guests, how it made every event feel so special, and the wonderful conversation that stemmed from gathering around a beautiful table. 

“A year ago we started this creative outlet, Gracie and Gretchen, to share our table designs and our knowledge revolving around hosting that we learned from our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and our mother. We quickly saw a need after the pandemic to re-introduce the art of hosting and the importance of building community, we knew this normally happens around a table. We started expanding on our talent of designing tablescapes and partnered with a few stores in the Austin area to design tables for them showcasing their products at different events and in stores. We continue to show our work on our social platforms and our website as well as writing blog posts that tie into the whole hosting experience, such as how-to’s, party ideas, design inspo, etc. 

“We are so excited to be able to promote our brand, and through our content and blog, be able to provide women and men with the resources to start hosting for themselves. Building community and serving others is so important, and something we all crave and are capable of. Whether we’re having friends over for dinner, throwing a party, or planning a more formal event, we are all hosts at some time. Hosting is a skill we believe everyone can achieve and would benefit from, they just need the tools and confidence to do so. G&G is so excited to have the opportunity to promote stores and brands by designing a landscape to showcase their beautiful items, as well as design tables for personal functions and events.”

Learn more about G&G – and connect with Gracie and Gretchen online – at