Amanda McDaniel, director of marketing at Expo Home Improvement, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to talk about knowing when it’s time to replace your windows and more.

If I have the original windows in my older home, I’m thinking that it may be time to replace them, but I’m not really sure. What are the signs that I should look for to know if it really is time to replace my windows?

“That is a question that we get all the time. The first thing that you can do is go up to one of your windows and see if you can feel any air coming in, or if you are outside, see if you can feel any air coming out. If so, that is a good indicator that your seal is broken, and you need to have your windows replaced.”

Also, you want to look for:

  • Windows that won’t open and shut
  • Frames are warped or pulling away from home
  • Condensation or fogging between panes
  • Cracked or loose seals
  • Utility bills increasing

How do windows that are built with the home compare to a custom window like Expo Home Improvement has?

“That is such a great question. Most homes are built with builder-grade windows, which are cheaper and help to keep the cost of the home down for the builder, but those windows only last up to seven to eight years — not meant to last a lifetime.”

Windows aren’t the only thing that you guys offer. What else do you specialize in?

“Since 2006, we have specialized in window replacement, door replacement, bath renovations, and shower renovations! We have served over 20,000 Texan homes and families with these services and products, so we know better than the national chains what is going to be best for a Texan home! We’d love to come check out your space to see how we can help improve it!”

If I’m interested in getting a quote for my windows, is that free?

“Yes! It is completely free for us to come out to your home and inspect your windows. Just call 512-595-7517 or go to to connect with us there, and we will get you set up with an appointment to meet with one of our design consultants.”

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