Studio 512 visited with Amanda McDaniel, Vice President & Culture at Expo Home Improvement, and an Expo Home Improvement customer, Judy Krohn, at Judy’s home.

Amanda, we are here at the beautiful home of one of your actual window customers. Tell us a little bit about Expo Home Improvement’s windows and what makes them such a great choice for Texan homes like Judy’s.

“Our windows are great for Texan homes because we worked with our manufacturer to design a window that is made just for Texas. Our insulated frames combined with our cardinal glass are built to withstand the impacts of our shifting soil, as well as the extreme high and low temperatures that we deal with here.

“You can prepare for winter now with energy-efficient windows from Expo Home Improvement! Fall is here and that means colder weather, and the possibility of extreme cold Texas temperatures! Homeowners may find themselves worrying about the likelihood of the next freeze and potential energy bill spikes, but Expo Home Improvement has the solution to meet your needs of staying comfortable in your home and reducing those energy bills all at once. We offer a vinyl-replacement window manufactured to withstand Texas’ harsh climate with high performance glass that reflects 95% of UV rays. Making sure your windows are working with your HVAC unit, instead of against it, is key to getting the energy efficiency you are needing, so you can have peace of mind this Winter. This is the perfect time to get your windows inspected by one of Expo Home’s experts and start that process of replacement.”

What would be some of the signs that homeowners should look for to know if it is time to update their windows?

“Well first, you can go stand by your window and see if you can feel any air coming inside your home, or if you are standing outside of your home, see if you can feel any air escaping your home. That is a sign that it’s time to replace your windows. Also, look for condensation or fogging between your window panes, as well as any warped window frames. If you’re seeing any of these occurring with your windows, then that’s a sign that you need to give us a call. We would love to schedule a free quote for you.”

Judy, tell us why you chose Expo Home Improvement for your window project?

“Well, they had a booth at the Farmers Market. I stopped by and chatted with Tara, Expo Home Improvement’s Events Manager. She provided a good foundation of information, in a professional and courteous manner. I gave her my contact information to schedule an appointment and researched the company when I went home.”

What benefits have you seen in your home, after replacing your windows?

“The back side of my home receives the full afternoon sun. These windows are across the back of my home. Immediately I noticed the heat and/or cold didn’t transfer into my rooms as much as before. My utility bills were not as high. There is also a definite layer of sound insulation. I am short and it is so easy to open, close, and clean the side windows. I also love the ability to lock the open window into place. Plus, they are made in America!”

Judy, even after purchasing some windows, you were selected as a winner of Expo Home Improvement’s Worn-Out Windows sweepstakes. How did you feel when you got the call that you had won?

“Exuberant! I had never won anything like that! I was so excited that I didn’t sleep for three days! For me, these windows are a quality product and a beautiful addition to my home. I am thankful that I made the initial decision and blessed by everything that happened past that point.”

Amanda, I hear that there is an opportunity for a new sweepstakes winner.

“Yes! Right now, we are running our Worn-Out Window Sweepstakes and our Love Your Shower sweepstakes. Enter today to win up to $15,000 towards your next project. The last day to enter is December 10th.”

Enter today – and schedule a consultation for your home’s windows or baths – at

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