Relationship Expert and Author Andrea Syrtash joined Steph and Rosie to offer tips on reigniting the flame with your partner from her book “Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband.)”

Andrea also hosts the Pregnantish Podcast and is a Studio 512 regular. See some of the points we discussed below and to order her book or for more information go to

Tips From Andrea’s Book: Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband):

-Relationships are work but part of the work is keeping the PLAY alive 

-A good WE starts with a good ME

-Falling in love and being in love are different and we shouldn’t expect it to look the same….but there are ways to ‘game’ your brain to bring back some excitement

-In relationships, you have to PLAN to be spontaneous

-Scheduling sex doesn’t sound sexy but it helps

-Remember why you fell in love in the first place

-In relationships you need to constantly acknowledge your partner

-Stay curious!

Order Andrea’s book here.