Austin’s housing market is a roller coaster, and the current climate can be a tough one to decide to sell in, especially for Baby Boomers who may have been in their homes for decades. Karlyn Ellis, Real Estate Broker and Owner Realty ONE Group Prosper, spoke with Studio 512 about how best to help.

One of the largest segments of our population here in Austin are our baby boomers. How are they being affected by the current housing market?

“Most Baby Boomers have resided in their homes for relatively much longer time than the younger generations where they have not only collected memories, trophies, and treasures, but they have collected a great deal of equity as well. Even in today’s market, the average amount of equity in a home of a Baby Boomer can be much higher than other segments of our population, so if they are considering selling, now can be an excellent time to do so.”

What makes it hard for Baby Boomers to decide to move?

“Yes, honestly the typical homeowner I come across that is considering a downsizing move or a move into something like a 55+ community has the hardest time just in the actual decision to move. Many Baby Boomers out there know deep down it’s time for a change. But the idea of getting their beloved homes ready for sale can sometimes feel like a roadblock that holds them back, making it tough to take that important first step.”

Can you share some strategies or tips you’ve found effective in helping folks overcome these initial hurdles and confidently move forward with selling their homes?

“I strongly believe that enlisting the services of a professional stager to assess the home and provide a comprehensive written report is an invaluable resource in the selling process. In fact, I’m so committed to this approach that I cover the cost of staging consultations for all of my home sellers.

“Once we have the staging report in hand, it becomes a collaborative effort between the homeowner and a qualified real estate agent to identify realistic improvements that can enhance the home’s appeal. A skilled agent will have a network of trusted professionals to assist with these enhancements.

“Furthermore, agents like myself may offer additional options, such as the ability to facilitate renovations and allow contractors to be compensated at the closing of the sale. This can prove particularly beneficial when a homeowner’s resources are tied up in the property, and there’s a need to make improvements that can translate into a higher sales price.”

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