Kim Eagle with Earn That Body believes in the benefits of real, whole foods. She uses ingredients to make a from-scratch, easy-to-blend protein shake that tastes great:

  • Water
  • Greek yogurt (1 serving is what Kim recommends, which is generally about 2/3 cup.)
  • Spinach (1-2 cups in makes a great start with fiber for the day, and Kim swears that the kids won’t taste it.)
  • Peanut butter* (*Can also use cashew or almond butter if there is a peanut allergy.)
  • Banana (Frozen is best! Peel your bananas first when they start to go overripe, then pull out a few from the freezer as you need them. Kim says this is a great way to get the “blended” effect in your shake without needing to empty your ice tray!)

Kim says that protein is the nutrient to have in your diet if you want to build muscle (and we need it every day). She is wary of protein powders and supplements, which generally aren’t tested by the FDA.

Go to to get a free recipe book of all of Kim’s “Eagle Shake” recipes, using all real food.

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