Dr. Eric Giesler with Urology Austin joined us in the studio to discuss Men’s Health Month, a time that’s dedicated to raising awareness about men’s health issues like prostate cancer, heart disease and mental health issues. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer to strike men. One in 9 will get it. Thanks to advances in diagnosis and treatment, it has one of the highest survival rates of any type of cancer. Treatments include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a newer treatment that uses small ice crystals to kill cancer cells through its freezing technology. It’s usually a one-time therapy, which is different from radiation. That can require someone to have up to 45 treatments. For more information about cryotherapy, go to StopCancerCold.com. Urology Austin has locations throughout central Texas. Call (512) 477-5905 or go to UrologyAustin.com for more details.

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