Kelly MacNeal with joined Studio 512 with the latest and greatest in new products and cool ideas for summer, fall and beyond!


“‘Prettier Play Starts Today’ with Bricklettes, the eye-catching cardboard block sets. Bricklettes are educational toys that are perfect for kids to play with all day, and parents will never feel the need to hide away! Inspired by brightly-colored brick blocks of the past, the aesthetically pleasing brick patterns evoke nostalgia with a modern twist. These are the perfect screen-free gifts for both the parents and kids in your life. Bricklettes utilizes eco-friendly, non-toxic, and food-safe materials for their products — giving a whole new meaning to the concept of ‘Prettier Play.'”

Price: Starting at $54.99


LOUMI Skincare

“Glow on-the-go with LOUMI Skincare. LOUMI offers plant-powered, travel-friendly products for jet-setters and glow-getters. LOUMI Skincare’s sensitive skin-friendly products offer protection against environmental aggressors and are designed to keep you glowing all day long. With a focus on convenience, LOUMI Skincare offers affordable and travel-friendly vegan face oils and creams that come in conveniently sized containers, ensuring your skin remains vibrant and refreshed wherever you go. Big news: LOUMI’s Lip Lock Collagen Lip Mask is brand-new! Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips with LOUMI Skincare’s newest collagen lip mask for nourished and voluminous lips!”

Price: Starting at $22


PJ’s Soaps and Bombs

“Worn out after a long day? Looking for a way to make the most of your ‘me time?’ Create the perfect escape by transforming your bathroom into your own relaxing oasis with PJ’s Soaps and Bombs! Made by a husband and wife team in their home kitchen, this bath and body brand creates cruelty-free, small batch products using simple ingredients and scintillating scents. Fall scents like Brown Sugar and Fig are debuting now. Available individually or in a gift set!”

Price: Starting at $6.50


Season and Stir

“Step into a world of epicurean delight with Season and Stir™. A celebration of curated gourmet foods and kitchen treasures that redefine the art of cooking. Season and Stir™ is driven by a singular goal: to deliver a meticulously-chosen selection of kitchen goods that embodies the pinnacle of taste and craftsmanship. From exotic spices to exquisite oils, every item in the collection reflects the dedication of artisans who share the founders passion for culinary greatness. We especially love their Alicante Paella Pan and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Caviar Pearls with Natural Basil Aroma.”

Price: Starting at $14.99



“Soak up the last of sun and discover the game-changer your beach days have been waiting for! ECCOSOPHY presents a groundbreaking line of towels that fuse innovation, style and sustainability. Beyond the beach, ECCOSOPHY’s towels are lightweight and compact for lounging by the pool, picnics in the park, doing yoga and so much more. These sand-proof, double-sided and eco-friendly towels are here to redefine any outdoor adventure. They’re a must for anyone seeking a blend of practicality and style.”

Price: $24.99


Manjeri Skincare

“Experience the epitome of self-care and holistic body rejuvenation with Manjeri Skincare’s organic body care range. With 100% vegan skincare products made with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients, these products are sure to transform your skincare routine. The Skin Rejuvenation Set is the ultimate pampering experience for your body including a Grapefruit Body Scrub, formulated to gently exfoliate and leave your skin smooth and radiant, and a rich and creamy Sweet Almond Body Butter, infused with nourishing oils to deeply hydrate and leave your skin feeling silky soft. The combo will elevate your skincare ritual revealing radiant and pampered skin you’ll adore.”

Price: Skin Rejuventation Set – $69.99


Foton Candle

“Embrace the changing seasons and let your imagination influence your ambiance with Foton Pearled Candles! With unique patent-pending pearled wax, you can create any shape or size candle to fit your home or event space. Simply pour the pearls into your favorite container, insert the wick, and light! When it’s time for a refresh, all you have to do is remove the wick – no ugly tunneling candles, burned wicks, or dirty wax and soot-covered jars. Foton Pearled Candles are self-extinguishing and pet-friendly, and they come in a multitude of colors and scents…including custom hues!”

Price: Starting at $34.99


Grow & Make

“Grow & Make offers a wide range of DIY kits, perfect for crafting and gifting. From hot sauce making kits and kombucha starters to soap-making supplies and mixologist kits, you’ll find a kit for every occasion. These are great for in-home date nights, and they’re accessible to all skill levels of cooking and crafting. Grow & make has a variety of recipes, scents and flavor profiles to choose from. Level up your DIY game!”

Price: Starting at $14.95


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