Lance Roberson of PLance joined Steph to talk all about succulents and cactus and how you can easily update your summer garden with them.

What is the difference between succulents and catcus?

Succulents are plants with thick fleshy tissue adapted for water storage. Cactus are a subset of succulents that have rounded indentations called areolas from which new growth and (usually) spines grow from, most are native to the Americas.

Grafted Cactus  – often confused for a single cactus commonly combines seleniceres (the dragonfruit cactus) with Moon cactus.

Lepismium Cruciforme is a tree dwelling Cactus from before the time of spines, it has small tufts of hair instead of spines like more modern cactus. The friendly non-cactus!!!!

Kalanchoe – 2 kinds – floral and “panda” (hairy) varieties

Echevaria – 2 kinds – to show in mix foliage colors and sizes

String of Dolphins – great for hanging baskets or small trellises! Those leaves are lil’ dolphin shapes!

Tips To Care For Succulents & Cactus: 

Sand, gravel or even orchid mix may be the best soil for succulents in pots as they like to dry out between watering.

Waiting until the fleshy parts shrink slightly from water loss is an indicator they need water.

There is no shade in most deserts so most like the most sunlight you can provide!

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