Did you know? Austin is home base to 24/7 Games, a free online site that wants to help people find joy and connection through classic games online (games like chess, Sudoku, Blackjack, etc). 24/7 Games bills itself as a site where you can play multi-player games with anyone in the world.

Founder John Battagline sees 24/7 games as an accidental success. About a decade ago, he created an online solitaire game to help ease the boredom of his work colleagues. The game started making money and ultimately turned into a full-time endeavor.

24/7 Games’ user data shows that people go to their site to play their games as an escape, typically during the work week at lunchtime –  they use it as a brain break to relax and re-set. It’s a great place to recuperate energy before a busy afternoon.

24/7 Games also offers fun, seasonal variations on classic games. There are currently more than 15 online games with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. More info about 24/7 Games and John’s story can be found at 247Games.com.